My wife and I have been married for decades, and our lives no longer seem to have much in common. Comparing our tracks through the world, it seems as if we took wrong turns somewhere. Each of us has our own direction in life, and there doesn’t seem to be any way for us to get back together. I have been worried about it for some time, so I decided it might be best to seek professional assistance.

I made an appointment with a marriage counselor to see if there was some way I could straighten out our relationship. He pointed out that I hadn’t asked my wife to join me, and that it was my first mistake. Rather than cancel the session, he told me it would be a good idea to discuss options on how to approach her and see if there was still some common ground. He even gave me some good suggestions on opening the conversation about our differences.

It is so very easy to lose a good relationship, and I know that I still love my wife. While it has been many years since we’ve really taken the time to talk seriously, I believe she still loves me too. Asking her how she really feels is a risk, and I’m afraid it might give her the idea she should move on. I don’t want that, but I know it will happen if everything stays the same.

One of the counselor’s suggestions was to make a date with her for dinner at home, and she has agreed to be there. I don’t cook, so I’m having her favorite meal catered. It seems like the right step, and I hope it gives her the idea that we can still be a couple and find our way back to each other.

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